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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Check out SC Scrapbook News!

The gig is up ladies!!! Our fun is out of the bag! Unbeknown to me, we were featured on Susan's wonderful blog, Paper Cafter's Corner! Check it out here!
Susan, Debby & all of the other wonderful reporters for Paper Crafter's Corner are hard at work to help bring all of the crafting news right to us! Thank you ladies...your work is greatly appreciated! :-)


Susan, PCC Editor said...

Keep us posted on any other fabulous SC crafting news you have to share :)

cruisingcrafter said...

Congratulations to Ivy and her family.

Katherine said...

This article is how I found you, yeah!
I'm moving to Charleston/Summerville next year and I'm already scoping out some awesome places. Love your blog. I can see what great supplies you keep in stock and your classes look great.
I'm ready to come out there (currently in Seattle) and get crafting with you girls!