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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Countdown to Move = 2 days!

It is official.  The new location for Scrappin' Happily Ever After was announced at the crop this past Saturday.  S.H.E.A will be moving to 833 West Richardson Avenue in Summerville!  The store will now be conveniently located just a mile from South Main Street!   

During the crop, Ivy teased us with a few pictures, and a few ladies even had to take a short field trip to see it for themselves!  Ivy's "signature" colors are the inspiration for the decor and we are sure to see some pink, black, and white, and perhaps some purple and turquoise as well.   

The move is just around the corner...literally (both on the calendar and on the map!).   


With the Central Ave. location open a couple more days, let's do our part, and buy lots so Ivy has less to move!!!

Here are the details so you can mark your calendars:

S.H.E.A. will be OPEN for normal hours Wednesday, August 22nd and Thursday, August 23rd. 

S.H.E.A will be CLOSED from Friday, August 25th through Friday, August 31st. The last day to shop at the Central Avenue location will be Thursday!  Go in, be nostalgic, and pick up some last minute items to get you through the next week. 

The GRAND OPENING for the Richardson Ave. location will be Saturday, September 1, 2012 at 10 a.m.!  


Now through close of business on Thursday, August 23rd, all items in the clearance section will be 75% off the original price!!! That means that paper that is regularly $0.89, is less than a quarter! There are also paper packs, stamps, crafting magazines, and embellishments in the clearance section. This is a super sale with super low prices. Plus, with Ivy looking around the store at everything that needs moving, we never know when she may add stuff to the clearance section!

I don't know about you, but I am getting excited and cannot wait to see the new place.  I will be there on September 1st and hope to see you there!    

Sunday, August 12, 2012

You Know You Are a Scrapbooker If...

As I was sitting in the wonderful classes Dedra taught this past week on various art techniques to use in our crafting, I thought of how there are many things that only another crafter would understand.  For example, why we oooh over limited edition seasonal distress ink sets or aaahhh when we see the wonders of a washi tape hinge for our project!  I went looking for a good list of things that might help explain our hobby (okay, addiction) to others.  Here is a list to get us started, but definitely add to it by commenting at the end of the list. 
You might be a scrapbooker if ...

10. Your baby's first word is "Cheese".  (There are several cute baby lines at S.H.E.A.!)

9. You've ever staged a photograph just so you can use that cute new embellishment you just got. (I don't think it would be possible to count the embellishments at S.H.E.A.  There is always something cute to buy.)

8. You see your family more through the pictures you scrap than in real life. (Definitely on crop weekends! Don't forget the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT about S.H.E.A's new location will be announced at the crop on Saturday, August 18th.  Call Ivy to see if there are any spots left.  You will not want to miss the farewell crop for the current location.)

7. You've never sewn a piece of clothing in your life, but you buy a mini sewing machine just to sew on your scrapbook pages. (...or better yet a Sew Easy or Sew Stamper...also available at S.H.E.A.)

6. You're disappointed when you get gift certificates to your favorite clothing store instead of the scrapbook store.  (No worries. You can get your own store credit by participating in S.H.E.A.'s twice a year yard sale!)

5. You buy your child a new outfit just to match the new patterned paper you just bought. (I don't see anything wrong with this.)

4. Your family can't find a place to eat because the table is full of scrapbooking supplies. (Cut down on this by getting more projects done at the S.H.E.A crops.)

3. Your 4-year-old knows the difference between a brad and an eyelet.  (..and has named your crop-a-dile.)

2. You evaluate how good a family outing is by the number of scrapbook pages you can create from it. (..or plan an outing just to coordinate with a great paper line you got at S.H.E.A.)

1. Your husband asks you in the morning "Who is Bazzill? You were talking in your sleep last night ... Is it another man?" (Bazzill, Tim Holtz, Mister Huey...there are some good "guys" hanging out at S.H.E.A.)

(FYI - source for list: tee-shirt, comments in parentheses are my editorial comments :-)

So what would you add to this list?  Comment below and share something about crafting or scrapbooking that others just do not understand.  Consider this the first meeting of our 12X12 support group!  Speaking of 12X12, make sure you stop by S.H.E.A. and pick up some paper and check out the daily sales Ivy has been having each day before the big move.  I hope to see you at the crop this weekend!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Every Summer Has a Story

Summer is made for stories.  There are Summer vacations, school is out, pools are open, sprinklers are on, gardens in bloom, beaches are packed, and there are BBQs a plenty.  Summer is a great time to take pictures, and there is never a shortage of great Summer paper lines at Scrappin' Happily Ever After.  My absolute favorite paper line that Ivy has put out this Summer is "SPLASH" by Little Yellow Bicycle.  Have you seen it?  This line is perfect for all things Summer, including pool pictures, the beach, family BBQs, family and friend get togethers, and vacations.   

This line is truly fabulous and has so many fantastic embellishments.  There are great double sided 12X12 papers, as well as the small paper pad (also double sided!).  There are so many beautiful coordinating embellishments including chipboard shapes, cardstock stickers, felt flowers, embossed ticket books, pockets, clear cut transparency shapes, mini flag kits, vellum tape strips, and more....(take a breath)!

There are already pictures out there of complete pages using this line.  Check out some great inspiration photos below.  Did I mention the cute embellishments....?

Though it is hot now, and we are in the midst of Summer, it will be winding down before we know it.  We will be moving on to Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the Holidays (we do love the Christmas paper too, don't we?).  Before Summer gets away from us though, take a moment, and consider the story that this Summer is telling.  Capture it before it gets away from you.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Have you heard the BIG news?

Have you heard the BIG news?

If you have not been to Scrappin' Happily Ever After lately, and have not friended the store on facebook, you may have missed the BIG (REALLY BIG) news.  

S.H.E.A. is MOVING!!! 

We knew it was coming at some point.  The store is busting at the seams, and there is no more wall space to put anything. S.H.E.A has officially outgrown the current location.  So what does that mean?  It means S.H.E.A will have a brand new, custom fit store location, with lots of wall space, display space, and cropping space! It also means some good deals for you (but we will get to those in a minute...back to more on the new location).

If you are not on facebook, there is quite a frenzy on the S.H.E.A page.  Ivy has been dropping hints about the new location, and people have been feverishly trying to guess the new location, as well as admitting to driving around town looking for clues as to where the new location might be.  

If you are not on facebook, or have not yet friended the store on facebook, I have put a recap of the hints so far...

Hint #1 - It's still in Summerville!
Hint #2 - It will still feel just like "home."
Hint # 3 - It will be MUCH EASIER to turn left out of the parking lot!
Hint # 4 - There's a familiar tone...
Hint # 5 -  Although our name and phone number will remain the same, there are no numbers that are alike in our new address.
Hint #6 - The three little pigs built their homes using different materials. Our new home is built using one of them, too.  

....But wait there's more...
Ivy announced yesterday on facebook that the first person to guess the new location correctly will win a "really cool grab bag full of goodies!"  Make sure you "friend" the store on facebook, watch for hints, and start guessing.  The new location will be officially revealed at the August Crop, so if you have not signed up for the crop, call soon before space runs out!   

.....AND if you come in now, you will get to take advantage of this limited time offer. (pretty soon you will think you are going to get a set of ginzu knives or a pillow pet with these lead ins. :-) 
There will be SUPER AWESOME SALES all month long at the store!!!!   What more could we ask for really?  A great store, a great group of crafters, and super awesome sales.  It sounds fantastic to me.  Plus, we can think of it as our way of helping Ivy move.  Everything we go in and add to our personal scrapbook supply is one less thing that Ivy has to move!!!  Check out the info on just a few of the upcoming sales below.  Stay tuned for MORE!

TODAY, August 1 ONLY!

Thurs., August 2 ONLY!

Fri., August 3 ONLY!

Saturday & Sunday
August 4 & 5 ONLY!
Bring in your "Big Box" Store Coupons! We'll honor them up to *40%!!!
*Cannot be combined. Some restrictions may apply.
Make sure you go check out the unadvertised store specials! 

There's NEW merchandise that just arrived in the store AND new items in the clearance section (up to 80% OFF)! 
I'll see you there!