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Saturday, January 10, 2015

2015 is Here!!!

Change is in the air….and change can be good for us.  It always seems as soon as the holiday season gets over, and January arrives there is a need to re-evaluate, plan ahead for the upcoming year, get organized, and set new goals.  Well, all of that is happening at Scrappin’ Happily Ever After.  Realizing that time just goes by way too fast and wanting to better serve the S.H.E.A customers, there are some exciting new changes happening at S.H.E.A in January. 

Effective Monday, January 12th, S.H.E.A. will have a completely revamped schedule.  Why?  An evaluation of when customers were coming into the store, as well as having requests for more classes led to a need to switch things up.  What does this mean for you?  It means more classes and projects on a more regular basis.  And for those that have been requesting classes later in the day, we’ve got you covered too.  Check out the new hours on the right hand side of the blog page, and you will see there are two types of hours for S.H.E.A now – shopping hours and class hours!

Are you excited yet?  I know I am.  But wait there’s more.  Ivy is planning out several weeks of classes in advance so you can plan ahead and sign up for the time that works for you.  January classes and events are already posted, and February classes will be posted during this upcoming week.  Check the calendar and make sure you call in and sign up for the classes you want.  As always, space is limited so the attention in class can remain personal.  

With all these new classes we had to figure out how to handle registration.  Here is how it will go… Registration for any of the non-Silhouette classes are open for registration as soon as they are posted.  Registration for Silhouette classes will go a bit differently. As always, there will be some preference for the S.H.E.A Silhouette Cameo Club members in regard to registration for Silhouette classes.  Each month when Ivy updates the calendar, the blog will be updated, an email will be sent, and a post will be put on Facebook.  When the notice goes out, there will be specified Cameo Club VIP registration days for the Silhouette classes.  After those days pass, registration will open to all interested.  For example, for the Silhouette classes being offered in January, the VIP registration days for Cameo Club members will be until the end of day Thursday, January 15th.  After that registration is open to all.  With several classes each month, we are sure we can accommodate all our VIP club members as well as all the others who have been wanting Silhouette classes.
So what are you waiting for?  Check out the calendar.  You will find scrapbook layout classes, Silhouette technical skills classes, Silhouette project classes all on the calendar for January. Click on the class descriptions for all the details.  In upcoming months additional classes such as card making, working with multimedia, mini albums, crafting home décor, and more will be added.
If you have not done so, subscribe to this blog so you get updates when new posts are made.  The Blog and Facebook will be the primary tools of communication regarding what is going on at the store.  For all those Facebookers, don’t forget to friend the store page!  
Welcome to 2015 and welcome to Scrappin’ Happily Ever After (version 2.0)!

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