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Thursday, September 12, 2013

She's Baaaaack!!!!

For those that stopped by this Summer and did not get to see Ivy; she’s now back in the store.  She got some projects done at home this Summer, is fully recovered after an unexpected surgery, and the kiddos are off to school and boot camp.  So if you have missed seeing her at the store, stop in, because she’s baaaack!   Here’s some of what is happening at Scrappin' Happily Ever After

The Not Project Life Classes Have Been a Success

I saw a note posted on the S.H.E.A Facebook page today.  The Not Project Life classes have been such a hit, that Ivy is considering adding a second class group.  For those that have been curious about Project Life, or have not jumped in thinking it seemed a bit is your chance to get involved in a fun recurring class that is based on project life, but just like everything Ivy does – has more bling and embellishment.  The ladies that have been doing the class since the beginning of the year rave about it.  They even have make and share embellishments with each other for each of the monthly themed classes.  They have been having too much fun, and we have been missing it!  Now is the time to let Ivy know if you are interested in joining in the class.  For those that cannot make the classes, she also carries extra kits each month.  That way you can still create the beautiful projects, but let her know if you are interested in this option, so she is sure to make enough.   

Here is more from Ivy:  “This is just a little snapshot of what we do at our "not project life" classes. We stamp, make our own transparencies, paint, sew on pages, and more (but on a smaller scale than a full page). The really nice thing we have started noticing is that we (the actual scrapbooker) make it into this album! I know right?! In addition to that more moments that are still important make it into a book even if it isn't worthy of a 12x12 page. It is nice to record special mini moments. It's more cool than any of us imagined initially! We have a GREAT group #1, but would love to start a group #2!”


Call or come in to sign up and get your consignor number beginning Tuesday, Sept. 10!  This is a great time to go through your stash and purge the things you know you won’t use.  You know, those pads of paper you had to buy, used a few sheets, and will never use again; the 42 sets of holiday paper you have that keep collecting dust, because you always want the new holiday paper that comes out each year; the Cricut cartridges you don’t use; the Copic markers you bought because you were sure you were going to tap into your graphic artist and use all the time; the duplicate items; the storage solutions you have purchased, used, and replaced; and so on and so forth.  Big things, little things, they are all welcome at the yard sale.   Call Ivy if you have any questions on items you want to bring in and/or how to bundle smaller items.

Coming Attractions

Keep an eye on the calendar.  More things will be added soon for the Fall season.  We are heading into the holiday season, so we are sure to see some great classes and projects coming up.  Already on the calendar are the following:

Saturday, September 21 –- 12 hour crop
Sunday, September 22 –- Free Cameo/Cricut crop
Sunday, September 29th –- Not Project Life Class
September 29th – October 4th -– Yard Sale Consignor Check In

Fall is just around the corner and there is bound to be lot’s happening at S.H.E.A.  Hopefully all of you have been enjoying your Summer (and capturing all those great memories to scrapbook!).  I know for some reason, I always think the Summer will be less busy or more relaxed…but it never seems to work out that way.  Summer has flown by and Fall is right on its heels.  No need to dwell on the quickness of Summer, when there is fun stuff coming up at S.H.E.A. to keep us all distracted. Don’t forget to leave a comment below --- What sort of classes and projects do you hope to see at S.H.E.A this Fall?


GlendaLea said...

Thank you for the newsletter. I am interested in the someting like PL classes. I have been trying to get in for months, but her class has always been booked! Hope enough are interested so I may join in. Thanks for keeping us informed! Life has been busy for all of us, now hopefully it will start slowing down!

Joanna P said...

I have not gone to any of the NPL classes either, though I like looking at the ladies' completed I thought I should give it a try. Maybe there will be enough interest for a second class!