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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What Do You Love About Your Silhouette?

Hi Everyone -
So the question is "What do you love about your silhouette?" Don't worry, I don't mean your personal, physical silhouette. Me, I have a love/hate relationship with that silhouette. The silhouette I am referring to is the Silhouette Cameo. I find it is much easier to love!

Looking around the January crop, I noticed how many of us were actively using our personal die cut machines. Since last Fall, several of you have purchased the Silhouette Cameo. For some, they may be still in the box. Others have taken a look at their machine and done a few cuts. Some of you have not stopped learning about your new machine since you first got it out. I loved seeing all the experimentation and sharing of ideas and information at the crop between our crafting group! Many Cameo owners also have Cricut machines as well. Whether you love your Cricut, your Cameo, or both, it is undeniable that the world of paper crafting has changed dramatically with the addition of personal die cutting machines. 

We know these machines can do so much. Whether it is a Cameo, Cricut, or some other die-cutting machine, tell us what you love about your machine. Comment below to tell us the following:

  • What is your number one, absolute, favorite thing you can do with your machine?

  • What is one thing you would like to know about or do with your machine that you have not yet done and/or mastered?

Also, if you have not looked at the SHEA Calendar recently, Ivy has added some fantastic Silhouette classes on Saturday, February 11th  to help you learn about all the marvelous tools and features of your Cameo! If you do not yet have a Silhouette, and want to learn more, give Ivy a call. She loves (I mean LOVES) her Silhouette Cameo, and is a great source of information if you are trying to decide which die-cutting machine will work best for your needs. 


Dedra said...

Love: True type fonts....I'm a letter/word freak be able to create my own in virtually any font is hands down worth the price of admission.
Like to learn: How to pre-design LOs to cut at the crop...Different shapes to cut later..I know this is probably pretty simple but I'm not there yet.

Joanna P said...

I agree, Dedra! I love the fact that I can use ANY font I have or, I can easily download a new font for free to make any sort of creative title I want. Hmmm...I have started using Sil Studio to pre-design. Maybe we can do a special workshop just for that.

GlendaLea said...

Wish I could attend, but I must work, and my honey came home so I am spending time with him.

GlendaLea said...

I would also like to learn how to use the flash drive, then try to figure out how to design and convert the SVG files, how I needs months of training!

Ivy-licious said...

Glenda we have surely missed you! I hope you are having a ball with your honey :-). As you all know, my original valentine (Vince) is sharing a spot with my new Cameo! I absolutely love the opportunity to create my own cut files from just about anything...or nothing at all! Between being able to use TTF's, making your own sketch files, cut files & rhinestone templates I'm not sure what I'm having the MOST fun with!

Saphyre Rose said...

I wish I had bought a Silhouette instead of this overly complicated, not user friendly, piece of digital @%#* called Cricut Expressions 2!!!
The graphics are insipid, the "themes" of the cartridges have nothing to do with the content and you can only weld pictures, words, etc by using the Gypsy or Cricut Craft Room which does not talk very well to the machine itself!
You could say that I have a bad case of buyers remorse.
I wanted gears, cogs, bird cages, clocks, postage stamps, etc and what I got is duckies, bunnies, flowers and tosh.
I tried to come into your store on Friday but you were closed. If you know of anyone selling a Vagabond or Silhouette let me know as I will be stopping by again on Tuesday the 29th. Happy graduation to your son.

Saphyre Rose said...

OOPS! I am sorry I guess you can still I am new to this, I meant a Spellbinder or Vagabond not the Silhouette.
I want an actual die cutting machine where I can pick the exact die I want without all of the fluffery. Dies like TIm Holtz's Bigkutz and alterations, movers & shapers and On the Edge dies etc.
I misread the title. Sorry