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Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year!

Oh My! I let the hustle & bustle of the Holidays take over! I didn't realize how much time has actually passed since I last posted.  I once again apologize, but I know you all understand.  I thank you for that :-).  With that being said...My holidays were absolutely wonderfully blessed!  I enjoyed my family and friends so much!!!  I hope all of yours were just as wonderful!

There is so much to update...where do I begin???  Since the release of the newest edition to the Silhouette family, the Silhouette CAMEO, we have played more than ever!!!  I'm not sure if it is possible to be in love with an inanimate object, but if it is...I'M HOOKED!  We sell out of them before I can get the shipment back in each time!  The possibilities with this machine are limitless.  You all know how I am with cost...lowest price...highest quality...and YES- they deliver!!!  If you haven't seen this little baby in action, swing by the shop! I'm ALWAYS happy to show my girl off!!! :-)  You will be AMAZED at the possibilities!  We also have classes and FREE crops! Check out their blog and Pintrest pages to see some of the awesome projects people round the globe are creating!

Not only did we add the Silhouette CAMEO and an entire line of Silhouette products to our current inventory, I also brought in the Letraset PROMARKERS!  These are absolutely FABULOUS!  These are alcohol based markers similar to Copic markers.  These markers pack a powerful punch at a more than reasonable price! Come check out some of the things we're doing with them!  You don't have to be a graphic artist to use them either.  We have a class on them a little later this month! Come join us for some fun!

My Mind's Eye Kraft Fun Day & Love Me are currently in stock and AVAILABLE! 

As many of you may be aware, CHA is right around the corner and YES - I've already started placing pre-orders!  I'll update more soon! ;-)

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snowflake said...

I think you need to open astore in Augusta