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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Have you heard the BIG news?

Have you heard the BIG news?

If you have not been to Scrappin' Happily Ever After lately, and have not friended the store on facebook, you may have missed the BIG (REALLY BIG) news.  

S.H.E.A. is MOVING!!! 

We knew it was coming at some point.  The store is busting at the seams, and there is no more wall space to put anything. S.H.E.A has officially outgrown the current location.  So what does that mean?  It means S.H.E.A will have a brand new, custom fit store location, with lots of wall space, display space, and cropping space! It also means some good deals for you (but we will get to those in a minute...back to more on the new location).

If you are not on facebook, there is quite a frenzy on the S.H.E.A page.  Ivy has been dropping hints about the new location, and people have been feverishly trying to guess the new location, as well as admitting to driving around town looking for clues as to where the new location might be.  

If you are not on facebook, or have not yet friended the store on facebook, I have put a recap of the hints so far...

Hint #1 - It's still in Summerville!
Hint #2 - It will still feel just like "home."
Hint # 3 - It will be MUCH EASIER to turn left out of the parking lot!
Hint # 4 - There's a familiar tone...
Hint # 5 -  Although our name and phone number will remain the same, there are no numbers that are alike in our new address.
Hint #6 - The three little pigs built their homes using different materials. Our new home is built using one of them, too.  

....But wait there's more...
Ivy announced yesterday on facebook that the first person to guess the new location correctly will win a "really cool grab bag full of goodies!"  Make sure you "friend" the store on facebook, watch for hints, and start guessing.  The new location will be officially revealed at the August Crop, so if you have not signed up for the crop, call soon before space runs out!   

.....AND if you come in now, you will get to take advantage of this limited time offer. (pretty soon you will think you are going to get a set of ginzu knives or a pillow pet with these lead ins. :-) 
There will be SUPER AWESOME SALES all month long at the store!!!!   What more could we ask for really?  A great store, a great group of crafters, and super awesome sales.  It sounds fantastic to me.  Plus, we can think of it as our way of helping Ivy move.  Everything we go in and add to our personal scrapbook supply is one less thing that Ivy has to move!!!  Check out the info on just a few of the upcoming sales below.  Stay tuned for MORE!

TODAY, August 1 ONLY!

Thurs., August 2 ONLY!

Fri., August 3 ONLY!

Saturday & Sunday
August 4 & 5 ONLY!
Bring in your "Big Box" Store Coupons! We'll honor them up to *40%!!!
*Cannot be combined. Some restrictions may apply.
Make sure you go check out the unadvertised store specials! 

There's NEW merchandise that just arrived in the store AND new items in the clearance section (up to 80% OFF)! 
I'll see you there!




Yvonne said...

I just can't stand it!!! I am gonna bust!!!!!

scherer5 said...

Awesome post Joanna!!! Thanks Ivy..I'm sure we'll all come down and help lighten the moving load :)!!

GlendaLea said...

Spent my day off at hospital and not sure I can make it in, but I plan on being at the August crop! Love and miss you!