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Friday, October 29, 2010

Last Chance for our 50/50 Giveaway! Stop in Today!

I thought I'd shoot out a quick post to inform some and remind others about a wonderful opportunity to help breast cancer warriors in our very own low country area!  During the month of October, Scrappin' Happily Ever After has encouraged a 50/50 giveaway that will benefit breast cancer research.  We appreciate everyone's donations thus far and wanted to call for everyone that would still be interested in participating.  Here's how it works:

  • Donate $1 for each ticket that you will receive.
  • Hang on to your ticket(s) as you will need them to claim your gift!
  • On Saturday, October 30 (at close of business) we will draw one ticket. We will post the ticket number here and on Facebook.
  • The person with the lucky ticket number will receive a gift certificate to shop at "Scrappin Happily Ever After" in the amount of HALF of whatever is donated, as our gift to YOU! 
  • The more donations we receive for the ta-tas...The more moohlah for YOU, too!
  • The other half of the funds will be donated to the lowcountry affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the cure!
  • It's a win win for all of us! Be a part and please donate today.

We are currently up to $141 in donations! That's a $70.50 split and I know this is such an important platform in so many of our lives.  Let's band together and make a difference! Stop in today or Saturday to make a donation & get your tickets.  No matter what- we all come out winners, but you might even get a fabulous gift to top it all off! You can't beat that! Let's save the ta-ta's! :-)


GlendaLea said...

Ivy, Such a WONDERFUL Gift to give! You are the best!

Summer said...

Very cool, I will have to stop on in!