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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another Amazing Card Swap!

We had another amazing card swap today! I tell you these ladies are pulling out every trick in their crafty little bags! The cards were all simply beautiful. The time and craftsmanship put into each and every card is just FABULOUS! I couldn't wait to share! The pictures DO NOT do these cards please take a moment to stop in this week to see what your fellow crafters created! While you're in...sign up for our April 11 card swap! You don't want to miss another of these!!!

This month's winner is Becky Farr! She retains bragging rights until at least April 11! LOL! GREAT JOB BECKY!!!

Cards this month were created by: Diane S., Donna O., Debbie G., Rachel S., Becky F., Tina R., Geri C., Marsha Y., Sandra B., & Ronda S. (no particular order). Great Job Ladies!!!

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